Our team

Meet our dedicated owners


Peter is an esteemed reptile keeper and breeder.  He has brought a lot to the hobby of herpetoculture being the face of Critta-Cam and co-authoring the Complete Children’s python book. He has worked and taught at various tertiary institutions in NSW and he has used his knowledge to move into the commercial breeding of rodents.


Mick is an all-round animal lover whose interests lay in birds and fish and in the last few years has moved into herpetoculture. His carpentry skills and eye for detail allows him to turn any vision for the facility into a reality.

How We started?

Rodent Brothers is a family owned and run business located in the serene rainforest of Ourimbah, NSW, Australia.

Being a reptile keeper, Pete has always breed his own rats and mice to feed his own animals as he couldn’t get a consistent supply of quality feeders. As his collection grew and with  more mouths to feed, so did the need for more feeders. So in 2004 , a 300 square metre, purpose-built 2 story facility was built to house both his rodents and his reptile collection.

Having kept reptiles for over 30 years, fellow breeders were purchasing from us because of issues with backyard suppliers being inconsistent, having poor quality animals and questionable ethics.

Fast forward to 2019. Pete and his brother Michael (a fellow animal lover and reptile keeper) have joined forces. Together they stripped down the facility and remodeled, expanding and increasing the production.  

The health of the animals is of utmost importance. 

Our rodents are fed a certified organic rodent specific diet and are cleaned as needed. We want your product to be as clean as possible. We do not wash any of our rodents before packaging. Washing rodents removes the natural scents that carnivores heavily rely on for food identification.
We provide them with environmental enrichment to allow them to nest, feel comfortable and eliminate boredom. All animals are humanely euthanized according to the Animal Protection Act guidelines.